arranges digital and analog attendants for you: accompanied in the best way and is also a think tank for reseach related topics.

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As a think tank for analyzing and ensuring access to health in areas where health care is scarce, ccc acts in an advisory capacity. Triggering discourse, putting an end to automatic mechanisms, questioning narratives, changing things. ccc | Think Tank is a place of critical dialogue, certainly a workshop of ideas and a culture laboratory.



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boundaryless hospital

The „boundaryless hospital“ stands for patient-centered rather than hospital-centered care, implemented through „digital“ and „analog attendants“ for an aging population. While the steering of healthcare is still organized top-down from the hospital through affiliated regional care structures to the patient, the medical procedures of care are reorganized bottom-up; large parts of diagnostics and therapy take place in the patient’s immediate environment. Data on the patient’s current condition is fed back to the hospital via a monitoring structure at the regional care level, and the hospital can use this information to continuously adjust the procedures and goals of care in line with the concept of a control loop.

The backbone of the „boundaryless hospital“ is thus no longer a conventional architecture of concrete, steel and glass, but an IT architecture that bi-directionally maps the most diverse communication and data streams along a hierarchy of decentralized care levels. The implementation of a boundaryless hospital poses additional challenges compared to established approaches for regional supply networks, which primarily stem from the requirement for seamless integration of digital and analog processes.