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for your health, for the management of healthcare services and the research & development of innovative solutions related to digital health and digital care. Connectedhealth provides access to healthcare for the healthy and the sick as well as featuring questions and solutions for partners in technology, science, and projects.

Clinical studies

Due to our diverse and experienced team we are seated at the intersection between the patient, clinics, ambulatory medicine and potential innovatie products. Entering the medical market is especially difficult for smaller companies. We like to think further and support the integration of new medical products by the development and execution of clinical studies. If you have difficulties in setting up your own clinical studies we are - especially within the fields of cardiology - glad to have an open converstation about the possibilities within our range.

Research & publications

ist eine neue Open-Access-Zeitschrift: multidisziplinär in ihrer Aufstellung, die verwandte, unterschiedliche Bereiche und Interessen in der digitalen Gesundheitsfürsorge verbindet.

digilogJOURNAL is a new open access journal: multidisciplinary in its lineup, combining related, diverse fields and interests in digital healthcare. We focus on a) papers that outline innovative solutions, considering analog and digital terms in their equity. And b) digital tools designed for rapid transfer across existing and new ambulatory and inpatient care.

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Health architects [Funding]

After some spin-offs, parts of our projects have been developed to that extent that they are ready for use in the market and being sold commercially. Some spin-offs of our projects are interesting for purchasers as well as institutions and stakeholders within the healthcare system. Innovations that have a tangible benefit for patients also have an added value for purchasers. Do you think we could be a suitable partner for a new spin-off project? Or do you think you need support with regards to German funding? You're free to contact us. We are open to introduce you to appropriate ideas and their implementation.

ECG expertise & independent reporting centre.

Outsourcing the service of long-term ECG evaluation is significantly cheaper (and usually also better, more legally secure and faster) than independent reporting.

Today, modern, innovative ECG monitoring systems such as an ECG patch from AthenaDiaX and the Apple Watch have replaced the conventional Holter ECG with its recorder and the five adhesive electrodes in many applications. Our complete range of services is available to you and your team in the clinic, outpatient department or practice without staff shortages 365 days a year.

You are not quite sure whether our offer suits you? No problem! We will be happy to provide you with a test package and you can test our offer for four weeks free of charge.

Project management & Consulting

Our team from the Center for Connected Health Care can offer a wide range of service, from the development and execution of clinical studies over developing and realizing innovative solutions together within the fields of digital healthcare. We are happy to have an open discussion with you and answer all your questions if you think that we might meet one of your needs.