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Who are we and where do we come from?
ccc is a start-up and was created as a spin-off of a government-funded research project of several universities (digilog).
ccc develops clinical applications for the outpatient sector, while also designing and organizing clinical studies. At the same time, it operates an eHealth Hub that receives, stores and processes health data (e.g. ECGs) from wearables, validates them by physicians and creates medical reports.

ccc. Center for Connected Health Care UG was founded in 2016 as a spin-off project of the German joint project „digilog“, on the one hand as a startup company and at the same time as a „unicorn“. What is our daily business and what are our qualities?

  • eHealth Hub: we are an eHealth Hub that receives, collects and interprets data streams from digital tools or wearables as well as health-related data from mobile applications. We use them to draw conclusions with regards to hospital and clinical care for the individual patient. By transforming health-related information into clinically relevant information we continue to develop digital healthcare structures in Germany and meanwhile also internationally. As a „hub“, we are linked with eHealth Centers from other regions and offer them medical support, evaluation and a reliable data infrastructure on request.
  • Think-Tank (creative idea factory): as a Think-Tank with a broad and strong network we develop ideas together with our constant or temporary partners in order to envision solutions, planning concrete steps and following up on them. One current example is the distribution and management of health-care in rural regions in Germany by the introduction of digital health products.
  • Request national/international fundings as 'Health architects': our team has a broad experience about the application and follow up of funding requests in Germany and enjoy collaborating with other countries as well. We develop new research projects in cooperation with other companies, scientific institutions and clinical institutions. In individual cases we take up the role as a consortium as well as project management leader.
  • Clinical studies: in 2021, we are involved in four clinical studies. We are able to offer companies and other institutions the whole package, from the development of clinical studies up until the rounding up and publications, depending on the desire. With our strong network and diverse team, in- and outside the hospital, we are the -so often missing- puzzle piece start-up companies and the clinical side, ranging from the hospital and the individual patient in the end.

Franziska Thomas

Medical resident for family medicine (General Practitioner)
e-mail: franziska@connectedhealth.com.de

Inga Quaet-Faslem

Irina Kruse

Specialist for internal medicine
e-mail: irina@connectedhealth.com.de

Marc Schmailtzl

Hajar Toumi

Medical resident in cardiology
e-mail: hajar@connectedhealth.com.de

Solaiman Raha

Immunologist (PHD), medical student
e-mail: solaiman@connectedhealth.com.de

Sami Nassery

Electrical engineering and information technology (M.Sc.)
e-mail: sami@connectedhealth.com.de

Eyyad Nassar

Molecular medicine (PhD)
e-mail: eyyad@connectedhealth.com.de

Omaira Sahin

Vanessa Bastek

Medical doctor (M.D.), industrial engineer (B.Eng.)
e-mail: vanessa@connectedhealth.com.de

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ccc. Center for Connected Health Care UG (beschränkte Haftung) I Vernetzte Versorgung im Gesundheitssystem

Gartenstrasse 20
16818 Wustrau (Gem. Fehrbellin)
Geschäftsführer: Kurt J.G. Schmailzl

Fehrbelliner Straße 38/Haus O
16816 Fontanestadt Neuruppin


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