eHealth Hub

for your health, for the management of healthcare services and the research & development of innovative solutions related to digital health and digital care. Connectedhealth provides access to healthcare for the healthy and the sick as well as featuring questions and solutions for partners in technology, science, and projects.

eHealth Hub and eHealth Centers

We are an eHealth Hub that receives, collects and interprets data streams from digital tools or wearables as well as health-related data from mobile applications. We use them to draw conclusions with regards to hospital and clinical care for the individual patient. By transforming health-related information into clinically relevant information we continue to develop digital healthcare structures in Germany and meanwhile also internationally. As a „hub“, we are linked with eHealth Centers from other regions and offer them medical support, evaluation and a reliable data infrastructure on request.

Present: What we currently do

With the German national joint project „digilog“ we established an eHealth Center to process a wide variety of data from „digital tools and wearables“: from wearable sensors (wearables and implants), point-of-care tests (POCT) up until mobile imaging. This included, for example, a 1-7 day 3 lead ECG-patch, a blood pressure ear sensor and implemented Apple Watch data. Additionally, it also entailed a lab-on-a-chip for mobile diagnostics for biochemical and microbiological parameters as well as the inclusion of handheld ultrasound systems in critical sections in ambulatory care. The first eHealth Center was established within digilog on the campus of the clinics (Ruppiner Kliniken) and the Medical University Brandenburg (MHB) in Neuruppin. It was dedicated to care in the region of RK between Oranienburg and Wittstock. In the course of new activities within and for the German Lausitz region, a large eHealth Hub is being set up there, again in the context of a funded joint project (R& Tasks are the coordination and support of regional eHealth Centers in the state of Brandenburg and beyond. The „hub“ is linked with eHealth Centers in other regions to provide them with valid medical support and reliable data infrastructure on request. Currently, data streams from cooperating medical surgeries and hospitals in the Ruppiner Land region are being processed as well as the Potsdam-Mittelmark and Spree-Neiße districts in the near future. The medical recommendations for the course of action based on the collected data are always aligned with the respective guidelines to be applied. The eHealth Hub therefore takes up the role of a consultant and opportunity for a second opinion for medical colleagues and those affected.

Future: our perspectives

for your health, for the management of health services and the research & development of innovative solutions in the field of digital health and digital care. Have we aroused your interest? We would be happy to arrange a non-binding web call. Write to us.